One Dream. One Place. One Family.

One Dream.
One Place.
One Family.

The Pune Agile UnConference (PAUC) is a one day event held in the month of August, aimed at spreading agile ideas through talks, discussions and networking.  Our dream is to make Pune,"The Agile Capital of India".

At PAUC, we ditched the idea of a conference and made everything agile. We are a user generated, creative UnConference that provides a space for everyday humans to share their agile ideas. Apart from speakers, anyone can sign up for extempore talks, and it's just as rewarding as sitting back and listening.

20thAug 2017

  10 Speakers

  150+ Attendees



    50+ companies

19thAug 2018

 14 Speakers

  250+ Attendees



    100+ companies

25th Aug 2019

Coming Soon

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